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Workshop on IPv6 starts on June 11 on openHPI

The Internet of Things compels us to think about new data communication regulations. In the 2-week online course “[IPv6 in Modern Networks][1]” (in German), which begins on June 11, network expert Wilhelm Boeddinghaus will explain to us the Internet protocol which is the new standard for data exchange in the network of networks.


Free Online Course on Smart Services starts on April 23

We are happy to announce a new course on the channel of the National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech), starting on April 23. Following "[Hands-on Industry 4.0][1]" and "[Machine Learning][2]", a 4-week course on [smart services]3 is being offered.


HPI MOOC Symposium in New York

The openHPI team will make its first trip to NYC in April 2018. In a two-day symposium, we will share our research and innovative developments at HPI’s New York offices, which were opened in April 2017. On the first day of the symposium, we will present features, innovations and user experiences from HPI’s innovative MOOC platform as well as some of our partners’ platforms, including openSAP and openWHO. The second day will be dedicated to current research questions, such as learning analytics, gamification, and MOOC completion rates. In addition to the HPI presenters, well-known researchers like Justin Reich (MIT), Prof. Neil Heffernan (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and David A. Joyner (Georgia Tech) will provide us with insights into their recent projects.


Intrapreneurship and Learning 4.0 - New courses on mooc.house

We wish you a happy new year and all the best for you and your beloved ones!



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